Creative non-fiction writing workshop

October 14-17th, 2022

Award-winning journalist and best-selling author, Eric Weiner, is leading a workshop for Bhutanese writers interested in learning the craft of creative non-fiction writing!

This workshop is meant for persons who have already tried non-fiction writing. It is intended to continue building a cohort of thought leaders and narratives on Bhutan in democratic times. Preference will be given to writers interested in sharpening their non-fiction writing skills and to persons who have published books and stories, or written for The Druk Journal. 

Fill in the application form and reasons for wanting to attend the course. Limited seats available. Only successful applicants will be informed. 

Registration of Nu. 4,800/- per person for the costs of lunch refreshments and workshop needs over four days. Two scholarships at Nu.2,000/- available for undergraduate students or those who are not yet employed but who have a keen desire to improve their non fiction writing skills.

Each day will include:
● One or Two Lectures on the Writing Craft
● Group Readings of Exceptional Writing
● Guided Writing Exercises
● Time for Independent Writing, With Students on Their Own Essays
● Lunch and Tea Breaks

The workshop will invite a guest speaker, a field exercise and include tips for developing a writing practice. On the final day, participants who wish to, will share from their own writings.

The Druk Journal is a journal of thoughts and ideas and features thematic issues on matters of national significance. It is a non-partisan, twice annual publication.

Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy (publisher of The Druk Journal) has previously conducted several creative non-fiction writing workshops to give voice to aspiring Bhutanese writers and to strengthen Bhutanese narratives. 

Location: Thimphu

Closing date: September 19th by 5pm