The Druk Journal is a journal of thought and ideas. It is a nonpartisan publication aimed at serving Bhutan’s national interest by creating serious conversation around policy issues.

Planned and edited by some of Bhutan’s prominent scholars and journalists, The Druk Journal is intended to be contribution to knowledge and stimulation to thought. Editions will be... read more

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Autumn 2020 Volume 6, Issue II: Urban Bhutan - the Story
  • Editorial
  • Urban Development - the Concept
  • Bhutan’s Cities – What Consequences
  • Preserving Bhutan - the Last Chance?
Spring 2020 Volume 6, Issue I : Bhutan in the Age of Technology
  • Editorial
  • Reaching for Technology
  • Digitalising Services
  • The age of Technology
Autumn 2019 Volume 5, Issue II : Tourism in Bhutan
  • Editorial
  • Overview
  • Impact of Tourism
  • Tourism in Region
  • Views on Tourism
  • Stories
Spring 2019 Volume 5, Issue 1: Educating Bhutan
  • Editorial
  • Concept of Learning
  • Understanding Education
  • Bhutan's Education System
  • The Foreign Experience
  • From the Folitical parties
Winter 2018 Volume 4, Issue II : Tranforming Bhutan's Economy
  • Editorial
  • The Bhutanese Economy
  • The Economic Climate
  • Where are the resources
  • What are the priorities
  • Stories
Spring 2018 Volume 4, Issue 1: Democratisation of Bhutan
  • Editorial
  • Democracy in Bhutan
  • Democracy Decentralised
  • Politics of Democracy
  • Reflections on the Electoral System
  • Social Media and Democracy
  • From the Political Parties
Winter 2017 Volume 3, Issue 2 : Civil Society in Bhutan
  • Editorial
  • Civil Society
  • Civil Society – Early Days
  • Civil Society – Growth
  • Civil Society – Experiences Elsewhere
  • Civil Society – Sustainability
Summer 2017 Volume 3, Issue 1: Towards a Sustainable Bhutan
  • Towards a Sustainable Bhutan
  • Vision and Governance
  • Sustainability Concerns
  • Sustainability of Sectors
Winter 2016 Volume 2, Issue 2: Youth Matters
  • Wither Youth?
  • Youth in Bhutan: Dreams and Dilemmas
  • Youth in Other Societies
  • The Interview
Summer 2016 Volume 2, Issue 1 : Bhutan and Modernity: Responding to Change
  • Bhutan and Modernity: Responding to Change
  • Governance in Modern Bhutan
  • Cultural Trends in Modern Bhutan
  • Lifestyle Trends in Modern Bhutan
Winter 2015 Volume 1, Issue 2: The Bhutanese State and Its Instituition
  • The Bhutanese State and its Institutions
  • Culture and the Arts
  • Views from Abroad
  • The Interview
  • Review
Spring 2015 Volume 1, Issue 1: National Identity
  • National Identity
  • Culture and the Arts
  • Young Voices
  • From Abroad
  • The Interview
  • Review
National Identity

The launch of the Druk Journal is dedicated to the fourth Druk Gyalpo, His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck, as...

Conversation Report: Bhutan in the Age of Technology

  The first-ever online Druk Journal Conversation was held on June 30 on the spring 2020 issue – Bhutan...

Conversation Report: Tourism in Bhutan

The Conversation on “Tourism in Bhutan” was held on October 28, 2019 – attended by government officials, parliamentarians, political...

Conversation Report: Educating Bhutan

The Druk Journal Conversation on the issue “Educating Bhutan” took place on July 29th with members of the Academic Board...

Conversation Report: Transforming Bhutan’s Economy at Sherubtse College

After conduct of two successive seminars on ‘Transforming Bhutan’s Economy’, Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy (BCMD) took the...

Conversation & Seminar Report: Transforming Bhutan’s Economy at Gedu College of Business Studies

A Druk Journal team conducted a conversation and seminar on “Transforming Bhutan’s Economy” at Gedu College of Business Studies...

Conversation Report: Transforming Bhutan’s Economy at Thimphu TechPark

The Druk Journal held the first Conversation on the 8th issue, ‘Transforming Bhutan’s Economy’, at TechPark Thimphu on Friday,...

Future of Urban Development

Editorial piece by The Kuensel Newspaper following the Druk Journal Conversation on Urbanisation in Bhutan In a cold afternoon...

Urban Bhutan – the Story Published

Dear Readers, Followers, Subscribers, We are delighted to inform you that our new issue, “Urban bhutan – the Story”...

Druk Journal Conversation Videos on Bhutan in the Age of Technology

The second Druk Journal Conversation on Bhutan in the Age of Technology had three speakers who contributed to the...

New The Druk Journal Issue Coming Soon

The 11th The Druk Journal issue themed, “Bhutan in the Age of Technology” will be out by early April....

Youth Matters – A Conversation in Paro

It is not even a town. It is a small settlement in Paro that you usually drive through in...

Report on the 3rd Druk Journal Conversation and Release of the 3rd Issue of the Journal

The third issue of the Druk Journal, carrying the theme Bhutan and Modernity: Responding to Change, was released on...