The Druk Journal Conversations are held with the release of each new issue of the Journal. The purpose of the conversations, as an objective of the Journal itself, is to encourage critical thinking among all sections of Bhutanese society. The idea is to build a community of thinkers through frank and open Conversations, in an informal atmosphere, which will continue to discuss and debate the ideas and issues raised by the Journal.

The Druk Journal aims to be a platform or space for citizens to engage in discussion on various topics of interest and importance to Bhutan. Bhutan has gone through several stages of development, from infrastructure to social services, and has reached the Age of Information. Given the rapid political transition our society has seen, it is time for Bhutanese citizens to share the responsibility of governance.

Imagine a society with only politicians and business people. It is critical that Bhutan develops the creative sector as a sub-sect of culture, culture being a sub-sect of the humanities and social sciences. GNH (or Gross National Happiness) means a balanced society.

It is in this spirit that the Druk Journal—through such conversations as well as analytical and constructively-critical articles seeks to provoke serious thought and discussion among citizens on wide ranging subjects that go beyond the usual domains of politics and business, to also include those from the social sciences, humanities, culture, and other fields.

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