Conversation Videos: Bhutanese Youth -Their Aspirations, Concerns, and Mandate

The 14th issue of The Druk Journal was released with 17 articles on the theme Bhutanese Youth – Their Aspirations, Concerns, and Mandate. As with each edition of the journal, an accompanying Suja & Dzow Conversation was held on 30th November with close to 30 participants to deliberate on the theme. The panel consisted of an eclectic mix of 4 speakers who contributed articles on the themes of mental health, children with special needs, LGBTI and  technical and vocational education and training, moderated by the Journal Editor, Dasho Kinley Dorji,

The conversation touched on the very personal experience of parents living with children with disabilities, the various social and emotional turmoils, the LGBTIQ experience and adverse childhood experiences as the underlying causes of mental health issues. On a lighter note, the Conversation also dwelled on some of the changes the TVET reform plans to bring forth.

Link to the conversation: