1. Synopsis: Submit immediately before March 7 – Submit your synopsis (one or two paragraphs) to the editor, which will be reviewed, and send back to the writer with feedback.
  1. First Draft: 30 March – Start writing the first draft after receiving the synopsis review. Submit the first draft within 30 March to the editor. Early drafts will have the advantage of more detailed comments. The editor reviews the first draft and sends it back to the writer for further improvement before 7 April.
  1. Final Draft: April 30 – The writer finalises the article with necessary editorial inputs and changes and submits it to the editor for final editing before 30 April.
  1. Word Limit: 1,000-3,000 words.
  1. Font: Adobe Caslon Pro

Note: Refer our style guide thoroughly before writing to orient with the writing style of The Druk Journal.