The Druk Journal, now in its ninth year, is contributing to Bhutan’s growth as a democracy and as a modern nation. It is becoming an increasingly vibrant public space in which we encourage our contributors to expand our national discourse by introducing new ideas and concepts into the Bhutanese conversation.

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Spring 2024 Volume 10, Issue 1: An Era of Transformation
  • Preface
  • Bhutan in the World: Opportunities for Progress
  • Bhutan's Civil Service Reform: a Focus on the Future
  • Transforming Governance with Technology
Autumn 2023 Volume 9, Issue 2: Politics and Elections in Bhutan
  • Preface
  • Tendrel for a Prosperous Bhutan, Bhutan Tendrel Party
  • DNT’s Manifesto of People’s Aspirations: The Nation First, Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa
  • Sunomics: Buddhist Capitalism with the Spirit of GNH, Druk Thuendrel Tshogpa
Spring 2023 Volume 9, Issue 1: Ensuring Mental Well-being in Bhutan
  • Preface
  • Addressing Mental Health in Bhutan
  • The Institution of “The PEMA” for Mental Health Care for Bhutan
  • Mental Health Situation in South-East Asia: Challenges and the Way Forward Pema Lethro and Andrea Bruni
Autumn 2022 Volume 8, Issue 2: Local Government – Critical to Democratic Governance
  • Preface
  • Democracy and Local Government in Bhutan
  • The Local Government Election: An Examination of the legality of Electoral Process
  • Who Should Bow to Whom? Power and Politics between the Dzongda and the Thrizin
Spring 2022 Volume 8, Issue 1: Democracy Today
  • Preface
  • Developing Democracy for the Short and Long Term
  • A Spirit of Democracy: Shifting Mindsets and Attitudes
  • Bhutan Civics Education:Insights and Perspectives of Stakeholders
  • Apolitical Nature of the Civil Service
Autumn 2021 Volume 7, Issue 2: Bhutanese Youth-Their Aspirations, Concerns, and Mandate
  • Preface
  • Bhutanese Youth: The Situation
  • Impact on Society
  • How Bhutan Responds
Spring 2021 Volume 7, Issue 1: Bhutan After the COVID-19 Crisis
  • Editorial
  • Governance Through Change
  • Re-planning Essential Sectors
  • The Early Years
Autumn 2020 Volume 6, Issue 2: Urban Bhutan - the Story
  • Editorial
  • Urban Development - the Concept
  • Bhutan’s Cities – What Consequences
  • Preserving Bhutan - the Last Chance?
Spring 2020 Volume 6, Issue 1 : Bhutan in the Age of Technology
  • Editorial
  • Reaching for Technology
  • Digitalising Services
  • The age of Technology
Autumn 2019 Volume 5, Issue 2 : Tourism in Bhutan
  • Editorial
  • Overview
  • Impact of Tourism
  • Tourism in Region
Spring 2019 Volume 5, Issue 1: Educating Bhutan
  • Editorial
  • Concept of Learning
  • Understanding Education
  • Bhutan's Education System
Winter 2018 Volume 4, Issue 2 : Tranforming Bhutan's Economy
  • Editorial
  • The Bhutanese Economy
  • The Economic Climate
  • Where are the resources
Spring 2018 Volume 4, Issue 1: Democratisation of Bhutan
  • Editorial
  • Democracy in Bhutan
  • Democracy Decentralised
  • Politics of Democracy
Winter 2017 Volume 3, Issue 2 : Civil Society in Bhutan
  • Editorial
  • Civil Society
  • Civil Society – Early Days
  • Civil Society – Growth
Summer 2017 Volume 3, Issue 1: Towards a Sustainable Bhutan
  • Towards a Sustainable Bhutan
  • Vision and Governance
  • Sustainability Concerns
  • Sustainability of Sectors
Winter 2016 Volume 2, Issue 2: Youth Matters
  • Wither Youth?
  • Youth in Bhutan: Dreams and Dilemmas
  • Youth in Other Societies
  • The Interview
Summer 2016 Volume 2, Issue 1 : Bhutan and Modernity: Responding to Change
  • Bhutan and Modernity: Responding to Change
  • Governance in Modern Bhutan
  • Cultural Trends in Modern Bhutan
  • Lifestyle Trends in Modern Bhutan
Winter 2015 Volume 1, Issue 2: The Bhutanese State and Its Instituition
  • The Bhutanese State and its Institutions
  • Culture and the Arts
  • Views from Abroad
  • The Interview
Spring 2015 Volume 1, Issue 1: National Identity
  • National Identity
  • Culture and the Arts
  • Young Voices
  • From Abroad
National Identity

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Conversation Report: Democracy Today

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